Planning on joining eHarmony? Then you will want to check this out

Online dating services like eHarmony rely on compatibility matching programs, and for a long while, I have been interested in how helpful such programs are. In my experience, compatibility matching systems typically attempt to connect individuals who are similar to each other. However, do compatibility matching systems like this actually work? On this page I will explore this topic in some detail.

dating with eharmonyI really feel that we should first examine the premise on which compatibility matching systems are based. The fundamental assumption is that people who share similar characteristics are more inclined to be attracted to each other. But how accurate is this assumption? Sayings like “opposites attract” would appear to oppose this theory.

Based on the research done by psychologists, individuals who have things in common do indeed have more harmonious partnerships. I recall studying this in college, and when I look back at my own romantic relationships, this has definitely been true. Therefore the premise used by compatibility matching sites such as eHarmony is apparently quite reasonable.

The second question is if a personality test you complete on the internet will accurately determine your personality and be able to match you up with compatible individuals. I’m sure this primarily is determined by the kind of questions asked. If the questions mainly revolve around activities, I believe the test will be relatively superficial. However, having taken the test used by eHarmony, I found that many questions demanded some thought. Additionally, the questions overall seemed to get to the core of what kind of person somebody is.

In the end, the proof is in the pudding. And since its inception, eHarmony has been responsible for thousands of successful unions. Believe it or not, one analysis found that eHarmony accounts for over 2% of the marriages that take place in this country. Furthermore, when I tried the service for myself, I realized that the matches I was given were generally the type of people I would be attracted to.

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To be sure, no matchmaking system is perfect, but I think that it’s still a much better idea to use one than not. At a minimum, it can be a filter and will save you from the trouble of sifting through hundreds of profiles to find a match. Thus, if you choose to try out internet dating, it is my opinion that eHarmony is a great choice.


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